What is the Rule of Seven? And how will it improve your marketing?

I came across the following when I was trying to educate someone about marketing and thought it was really worth sharing.

What is the Rule of Seven? And how will it improve your marketing?.

As a business I am asked to donate to some type of organization or fundraiser daily and on a national level. Responding to all the requests could be a full time job. I freely give and donate personally, but as a company I would be out of business if I gave to every request I receive. Since most requests come with the promise of “promoting my business at their event” I created a better way to work with the organizations through a fundraising promotion which allows for organizations to promote the event and encourage people to shop in our retail stores or online, mention the organization they’re shopping for and The Chocolate Truffle will give 15% of the sales back to the organization. It’s a win/win because we are truly promoted and the amount the organization receive from us depends on how successful they market the event. Most people don’t know how to market effectively. Over the Easter week The Chocolate Truffle had 4 fundraising promotions running through the stores and I just finished tallying the sales and cutting checks. I notified one of the participating organizations via email:

Me: “Thank you again for choosing The Chocolate Truffle for YOUR FUNDRAISER. We have a check here which you can pick up, 9 people came in to shop for Easter resulting in $XX. Just for our marketing purposes, how many people did you send the promotion out to?”

Response: “The promotion went out to everyone on ON THE ORGANIZATION which is 45 kids x 2 parents = 90. plus it was sent out on Facebook, The LOCAL Patch, etc….I would say 200+ people received the information. I hardly doubt that only 9 people went to the store. My guess is that people didn’t mention that they were there to support the team, therefore no credit. This is quite disappointing……..”

Me: “

I was dumbfounded by the response which is how I came upon the above post in my research to respond respectfully.

Here’s how I responded:

“You shouldn’t feel disappointed because 9 shoppers is a great percent. From a marketing perspective you say there are 45 kids times 2 parents. Did both parents see the promotion and of those two parents do both parents shop for Easter or is it only one parent? Typically it is one parent so you can feasibly cut that number in ½ which is really 45. I posted the event on Patch on April 4th because I noticed it wasn’t on there, but had someone else posted it too? Marketing is an ongoing process in order to be successful. This was Organization’s first fundraiser with The Chocolate Truffle and the percent was high.

Just to give you some other numbers to look at:

One organization gave out 100 fliers and 3 people came in.

An Elementary promoted to about 400 people (of that number we’re talking about students, teachers, and parents) and there are three personal connections to that school. They had 18 people come in.

Friends of our Local Library hosted a one day Town event, instead of an auction, so that many stores participated in the same manner; 19 people came in.

A local preschool had 6 people come in (not sure how many people received the flier).

You and nine other people bought locally and in turn earned money for your organization at a minimum cost, that’s a high return on investment so please don’t feel disappointed.”

What are your thoughts?

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