So here’s my vent for today:

I have myself scheduled to work the store in the morning and then an associate is scheduled to come in at 12:00, this will give me time to get some tasks completed: all I can’t do during the week and running the kids around to their activities.

Here’s how it does work: 9:15 store phone rings associate scheduled for 12:00 “I don’t know what’s going on, I think I have food poisoning, I just woke up and I don’t have anyone’s number to cover.”
Me: “There is no one. Food poisoning typically takes longer to affect you; you might have the flu or are sick for some other reason.”

I’m not mad that the associate is sick; I’m pleased they are calling out and not coming in affecting other people. People including employees get sick, it happens and it’s a normal fact of life. What bothers me is I try to accommodate all requests for scheduled time off, so when an employee is sick and I have to accommodate the schedule I would want them to offer to NOT take all the future requested days off to make up for the lost time. Why isn’t it happening? People aren’t motivated. People are happy with “just getting by” and they’ve been enabled by someone else picking up the tab.

I don’t want sick people around me and I especially don’t allow for sick people to work around food and understand as a business owner it is my responsibility to make sure the store is run efficiently without any risks to the public (basic food safety). I had an employee once after requesting time off, get sick and then ask for an advance. Advance??????
If employees aren’t motivated to make up lost unpaid time, what will happen if legislation actually changes so that they can call in sick and get paid? Oh and the former employee who wanted an advance was offered a management position which included paid time off, paid sick days and a raise as well as more responsibility. They wanted more money without the responsibility, so be mindful of why increasing the minimum wage and offering paid sick days will have a negative impact on our local businesses.

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