Do You Have Class?

Do you have class, because we know we do!
Do you have a hobby you love and suspect it could be something more? If you are seriously considering starting your own business but don’t know how to get started, join us for a free seminar that will help you make the leap from amateur to professional. Erin Calvo-Bacci, well known in Reading as owner of The Chocolate Truffle, will draw from her real-life experiences as a small business owner and consultant, and outline the steps you need to take to get a hobby-based business off the ground. Topics to be covered include: identifying the viability of your business concept, identifying the costs of starting and operating your business, determining the value of your time, pricing your products, networking with other business owners, marketing your products, and hiring help. By the end of the three weeks you’ll have a greater understanding of what it takes to get a small business up and running, when (or if) you can expect to break even, and the next steps you need to take to get going.

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